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I love days like today. Days when I just feel happy and content. When I feel strong and self-assured and ready to do anything.

Days when my love for my family swells in my heart. When I see Sheldon working outside through the window and hold Kadon up so they can see each other. Days when Grandpa comes inside and makes a beeline for his grandson.

I love when gloomy days don’t make for a gloomy outlook on life. When fires crackle and music plays in the background and the smell of coffee permeates the house. Days when clutter and unfinished projects don’t overwhelm me and make me want to hide in a corner.

I like today.

Today I feel happy and okay with being happy. Not every day is like this. Some days I am so happy it makes me sad. I’ve been terrified of giving off the impression that I’m over it. Of course I’m not over it. But I’ve found a new version of okay. I’ve been given a new source of happiness. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I have…