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Of Meltdowns and Such

The following was written last week. I didn't post it. I was worried what people would think... or that they would send me to the doctor to get on some anti-depressants. Truly, this was a post written at a low point. It's a woe-is-me, the-sky-is-falling type of thing. It's rather angsty and raw and ridiculous. And real. And maybe getting a sneak peek into one of my meltdowns will make us kindred spirits. Maybe it will make you nod and make you feel like you aren't alone. Or, y'know, maybe it'll make you feel awesome because you've never felt this pathetic - whatever floats your boat. I aim to please.


Oh, August, you are finally almost over. I love you, you know. You are the month my daughter was born in. The month my boys were born in. You are a month of heat and sunshine. You are days full of splash parks, water fights, sunscreen, and floppy hats. You are full of fields of wh…