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Katie's Crazy

I've decided that blogger is dumb because it won't let me reply specifically to someone's comment. That or I'm too dumb to figure out how.

Also, guess what I did today? I ORDERED CLOTH DIAPERS. Really, it is completely crazy for someone to be as obsessed as I've been lately regarding diapers. I can't stop googling. But I found some (hopefully...) FABULOUS ones that my sistet's friend uses on her baby, for less than half the price of other cloth diapers. And they come in super cute prints. EVEN COW ONES. yAy! And they really are not scary at all. I can totally cloth diaper. Well. I can if the diaper is one of those new all in one, basically the only difference is wash it instead of throw it away, ones. I am not a foldy, foldy, pinny, pinny, plastic covering type girl. No. Wanna see, wanna see? Squee!

I feel like a ball of nervous energy. That may not be the best way to describe it, because I don't feel like I'm stressing. I do however th…


YOU GUYS. Guess what, guess what, guess what! In like, 15 weeks *I* am going to have a baby.


A baby, a baby, a baby for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So yes, very excited. But also, uhm... terrified. I keep telling Sheldon, "Y'know when we are holding babies and they start to cry and we hand them back to their mothers? PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE DOING THAT TO US."

I also told him, "I'm kinda scared of my baby."
Him - "What??"
Me - "They are little. What if I drop it? Or it won't stop crying. Or it doesn't like me? Or I don't like it??"
Him - "You're crazy."

Well, yeah.

Lately, since two days ago, I've been going into nesting mode. Sigh. I am not a good housekeeper. And I am messily organized. Apparently the impending arrival of Bean is changing all that. But hey, it's the motivation I need to get everything where it's supposed to be. Sheldon may be spending mor…



So. Uhm. Yes. I have post ideas. Things I've been meaning to write about. But I have not.

I will soon be writing about this year and how it is basically a year of experimenting with faith for Sheldon and me. Pretty scary and exciting and well, cool.

Also, an upcoming rant about a pet peeve of mine that is becoming bigger and bigger. And you know what it is? People saying "Oh my God." Yeah. I know. Some may think I'm insane. Or nit picky. Or too religious. Blah blah blah. But you know what? Soon I will have a child learning to speak. I'd rather not hear OMG every time I turn around. It's irritating.

ALSO, a..well... I guess it would be a rant about how it seems everyone else is allowed to post, talk, rant, stand-up-for ect. for what they believe or do not believe in. Such as abortion or gay marriage or other controversial issues in which the "open minded" are supposed to condone everything. And you know what? Everyone IS entitled to their say. HO…