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I’ve never been one for politics. To be honest, I know far less about politics than a responsible adult should. It’s something I’ve been thinking I need to re-study and learn – not because it intrigues me, but more because it infuriates me. Too often it feels like my job as a Canadian citizen is to vote for which pile of poo stinks less.                 When the whole #elbowgate fiasco erupted yesterday, I posted this on Facebook:
I can only imagine the uproar of the Liberals if a Conservative Prime Minister had taken a man by the elbow and escorted him away from a conversation - elbowing a woman in the chest as he did so. Prime Ministers aren't supposed to be bouncers. ‪#‎keepyourhandstoyourself
                Turns out the uproar is pretty much exactly the same as it would have been if any party’s winning Prime Minister had done this.                 I stand by my Facebook post. I watched the video, like many others did. I watched some reporting on it, but that ju…

Resumé of a 21 Month Old Boy.

Eats dirt. And sand.
Colours on walls.
Eats crayons/markers/pens
Also colours on himself
Collects rocks.
Tosses rocks on lawn.
Selective hearing
Limited understanding on the word "no"
Pilfers my skin care products/makeup and eats them. Runs away saying "Mine!" When I catch him.
Climbs on everything.
Instigates wrestling with big brother
Plays with his own hair too much, creating bald spots
Excellent snuggler
You know you have deciphered his wishes correctly when he starts laughing maniacally and flapping his arms
Calls all fruits "nana" - refuses to eat an actual banana.
Blueberry enthusiast
Skilled tower knocker over
Special talents include pushing big brother's buttons, demanding lotion for his legs and feet, and eating copious amounts of string cheese.
He's good at independent play - also lulling you into a false sense of security and then finding him standing in the sink brushing his teeth.
Addicted to washing his hands.
Loves all anim…