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Katie's Favourite Things - Take One.

It’s been in my mind for a while now to make a weekly blog about things that are my FAVOURITES. I have a lot of favourites. When I like something, I really, really like it and I want other people to like it, too. Food, movies, clothes, health products, beauty products, books, shoes… you name it, I want to share it and spread the love. For my first blog of this nature it does feature all Arbonne products, but that won’t always be the case. I already have a lengthy list of Favourite Things. In hindsight I realize a lot of my favourite things happen to be from other Network Marketing Companies. (I’m looking at you Pampered Chef, Epicure, Young Living, Nature’s Sunshine, and Tupperware. And plenty more!) I think that’s because I, in my brilliancy, have discovered in the vast majority of my experiences, products from companies like these are just better. Better for you, better quality, and a better buying experience. Anyways! On to my favourites for this week!
Re9 Smoothing Facial Clea…

Kadon And Eli - Brothers.

I think Kadon thought gummy bears were called yummy bears.  This morning at breakfast I told him to eat his toast.                 “It’s yummy!” I said.                 “Yummy? Yummy, yummy bears?!”                 Which then segued into him talking about bears and how they are bad and he doesn’t like them and he will shoo them.
                Anytime I change Eli’s diaper, Kadon is there to interrogate.                 “Poop?”                 “Yep.”                 “I sniff it? Eww, baby tinks! Baby, you poop in potty!”                 “He can’t, he’s too little. Babies poop in diapers, and big boys like you poop in the potty.”                 “I’ll hold him!”                 “I don’t think that’ll work, buddy” -And then this morning addition to the usual conversation Kadon asks, “I’d flush him?”
Seriously, this kid is hilarious. Fiercely independent, but not afraid to ask for help once he figures out he needs it. He’s an epic pouter. He’s perfected the shoulder …