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Nailing T25. Sorta.

I meant to do weekly updates on my new fitness regime, T25. However, I am on day two of the third week so, y’know, best intentions and all that.
So let’s see. For starters, I am still alive. There is this little chart that comes with the DVD’s where you tick off whether you Nailed! The work-out or whether you Barely Made It. After the first few days I was tempted to just tick off Barely Made It for the front part of the chart. (I didn’t even want to think about the flip side of the chart – where apparently the work-outs get “amped up”. I probably will die then. Send flowers.)
I knew I would feel discouraged and weak the first week. And I did. I most certainly did. I was wondering how on earth this could possibly work when it felt like I was spending most of my time wondering how I was supposed to lift knees no longer connected to my body, or how I was supposed to get off the floor and sprint when there had obviously been a major super glue accident and I was glued to the floor.

T25 FOCUS. Daaaaay...One.

Today I started a Challenge. I started the T25 FOCUS program by Shaun T – the creator of the Insanity Workouts (BeachBody). Basically it’s interval training. At first I was turned off by the name BeachBody. My goal in life is not to be able to strut around in a bikini. I thought maybe this was a program for those already skinny people to become even more skinny, hot, and totally absorbed in their own looks.
I was pretty skeptical about the nutritional shake that came with the program as well. I decided to give it a try because I wanted to do the program as a whole.
I’m very happy to say, after doing some reading, talking to my friend, Sarah, who is a BeachBody coach, and reading the ingredients list on the back of Shakeology, I am becoming a convert! This program is concerned with health and nutrition, two things I am trying to focus on. I’m really excited about the fantastic ingredients in the shake, including superfoods and cancer fighting herbs, with no hidden, scary ingredients. I’…