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Acknowledging the Fear

I had a feeling something was wrong.             The generic, non-specific, almost evasive way the ultrasound technician talked to me. Friendly, but something felt just a little off. I asked her if the tear had healed. I know technically they aren’t supposed to say anything, but sometimes if you ask the right question or are specific they will give a one word answer.             “I got a good look at it, but I’m not allowed to say anything.”             Warning bells went off in my head. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe she hesitated, maybe she froze for a second. But I instantly felt uneasy and wished I hadn’t asked.             I called the doctor the next day to hear the report. He was on holidays until the next day. I talked to his nurse. She said the report was in, but she was only allowed to give out information once he had looked at it and he hadn’t yet.             I missed his call the next day and called back and talked to the nurse. “Katie Blum, yes? Birth date? Oh …

Of Complicated Pregnancies and a Cute Kid

I am 16 weeks along in this, my third pregnancy, tomorrow. The first trimester went by with no complications, just exhaustion and feeling fat – basically exactly how you are supposed to feel.
Last week brought along the expected but dreaded complications. Bleeding. Doctors office. Ultrasound. More bleeding. Emergency room. Bedrest. That’s basically how my weekend went, how about yours?
As it stands now, I am no longer on bedrest, just on “take it really easy”. What they suspect has happened is the placenta has torn away a little bit, creating a small, looney (One dollar coin for your Americans. ;) ) sized tear which is causing the bleeding. This isn’t really uncommon and best case scenario is the placenta reabsorbs everything and pregnancy continues normally. I’m having an ultrasound next week to see if the bleed in my uterus is healing, or if it is getting worse. There is no treatment if the tear is getting worse, you just basically move as little as possible and hope the placenta hol…