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Katie's Favourite Things - Take Two!

It's time for another round of these are a few of my faaaaavvvvourite thiiiiings!

#1. Organon Gold Latte

My drug of choice! I am addicted to this stuff, and that's okay, because it's good for me! I add this to my Arbonne chocolate protein powder, add some ice and almond milk and I'm set! When we went camping for the weekend I didn't have my coffee shake and I definitely missed it! Energy, protein, yumminess, it's all good!

#2. Pampered Chef medium scoop

I LOVE THIS THING. I have gone through many cookie scoops. They broke. They sucked. They sucked AND broke. Enter this baby from pampered chef. It's durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and makes perfect sized cookies. Growing up, I'd make cookie dough but refuse to put them on a pan because it was too tedious so I'd ask my Mom to do it... She shoulda had one of these. Easy peasy. The large size is perfect for muffins and pancakes, too!

#3. Ninja blender

Seriously, my favourite and most used kitchen a…