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Crazy... Awesome... It's sorta the same thing, right?

I did something kind of crazy recently. Something that scared me. Something that impassioned me. Something that empowers me.
I became an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.
I know, earth shattering right? Who knew selling hand cream could affect me this way?
The thing is, I’d been passively looking for something to supplement our income. I’d occasionally flip through the Job Opportunities in the paper, knowing I wouldn’t ever really find something I’d be willing to drive an hour for and spend all day away from Kadon for. But there was just a part of me that wanted to contribute. The first time I got my Child Tax Cheque I was so excited because I got to deposit a cheque that had MY name on it.
But as much as having some income would be nice, that wasn’t the snowflake that started this snowball.
I found out some things. Some things I didn’t like. I found out that although I had been making healthier choices in our food, reading labels, trying to make informed decisions about what I was pu…