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A grouchy ranting venting hormonal rant. Enjoy.

I am so grouchy today.

SO grouchy.

I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person – AND OHMYGOSH PIPPIN STOP SQUEAKING THAT BALL BEFORE I TURN YOU INTO A PAIR OF SLIPPERS – ahem. As I was saying. Uhm. Busy. Running. Tired. Felt like crap yesterday. Had to get up early today. For a good reason.

I will take a moment from my grumpiness to exult about my new camper we picked up. A 2008 Starwood fifth wheel camper. We be high fallutin’ farmers. We are now wussy camping in style. I am thrilled. We also got to go shopping to stock the trailer… which was supposed to be fun… and it was some of the time.

Minus not being able to find what I wanted at Walmart and storming around the storm cursing the stockers for not stocking shelves in any logical manner. Luckily I found what I wanted at Canadian Tire. Though at both places I had to wait (I know. I had to wait. My life is terrible, no?) at the counter because of course, something we pick up doesn’t have a sticker price on it. So let’s stan…