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Of Bean and Brain Cells

Dear Bean,

While I felt prepared for the havoc you are/about to wreak on my body, well, nothing can really prepare you for that first pregnancy. And that's the way it should be. I'm good with that. I know you are going to awaken faded stretch marks and turn them purple. I know you are going to relocate my center of balance (which was never that great in the first place). I know that soon enough, my hips will start to prepare for delivery and they will start to ache and my back will start to ache. I know there's a good chance my feet will swell and I will wonder what growing a baby has to do with my thighs getting bigger. I know I have you to thank for the surplus of goat hair on my chin, for the acne flare ups and for constant desire to nap. Of course, I may not feel the need to nap so much if you weren't causing me to get up at least twice in the night to pee.

But that's to be expected. And honestly, little Bean, I don't mind. I wanted you for so long, you can p…

Oh, the joys...

So much to say. So much to tell! Where do I start? For starters, April was a month of insanity. There were church building celebration suppers, charity concerts, doctors appointments, my birthday, Leanne and Bryce over for a few days, Easter dinner at my house, big Blum Easter on Sunday, equipment hunting all over the country-side, family dinners in the city, River Dance, a pregnancy spa with Larissa, ultrasounds… and that’s all from the top of my head.

The past few days have been full of some much needed relaxation. I had a pretty rough week last week. As mentioned before, I had some spotting during week nine. I had a doctors appointment and ultrasound and everything was hunky dory, and no explanation was really given. The spotting was brown in color, which means it is old blood, and thus, not that bad.

On Friday I noticed some discomfort in my lower abdomen. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It wasn’t pain. I had been “brown smudge spotting” for a few days, but there really w…