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Pregnancy Thoughts

July 25, 2016
YAY I'm pregnant!!! 5 minutes later I'm pregnant. Another kid. Another... Oh my. Oh no. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS. 
How is it possible to be this tired?
I think I'm hungry... Or nauseated... Why can't I tell the difference?
How does one do the parenting at the same time as the pregnancy-ing...
Why does only ice cream and carbs not make me feel ill??
Chicken - BLECH. Meat - DRY HEAVE. Vegetables - *wrinkles nose* Ice cream - two scoops three times a day, please. 
Suddenly a lot of people seem a lot more irritating.
Wow, my husband sure is a first class jerk all the sudden. Weird.
*is being unreasonable* *is aware*  *cries because she is being unreasonable and can't seem to stop*
Commercial - *cries*  Mildly touching movie scene - *cries* Life - *cries*
Why don't my pants fit. Why am I so bloated. This baby is a grain of rice WHY IS IT AFFECTING ME SO MUCH. 
Why are we having another baby when some days I want to put the ones we have on Kijiji…

Farm Wife Fail

July 22nd, 2016

I have been a farm wife for almost ten years. I was probably the least qualified person to fill this position.

Scared of cows.
Never gardened.
Never canned produce.
Hated chickens.
Never drove equipment.
Was used to making plans ahead of time and being able to have said plans happen regardless of cows, weather, or crops.
Did not have the magical powers of producing an assortment of baked goods whenever someone randomly popped in for coffee.

Some things have changed. I'm not scared of cows. I can and freeze stuff. I drive tractors. I know how to bale. I've given up on making solid plans if they involve Sheldon.

Some things have not changed. I still hate chickens. Sheldon begged for YEARS to have the dinosaur fowl and I finally caved with one condition - I was having nothing to do with them. I wasn't feeding them, I wasn't watering them, I wasn't picking the eggs, I wasn't cleaning their coop, and he could forget getting meat birds because I was …