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Moments of Magic

There are moments when I look at my life and my heart feels full to capacity. Moments when I think I might actually explode from all the love I have for my little family. Moments when I can hardly believe how much I’ve been blessed in this life.                 It’s strange, to me. For a long time I didn’t think I would ever feel this way. But I think being on the other side of loss makes you more appreciative of what you still have. Of what you will have.                 Eli is coming up on six months already. Kadon will be two and a half. It’s a busy time. A lovely time. January is the month of calving cows. Sheldon has spent most of his days and nights outside. But even amidst the chaos, I feel at peace. Happy. Content. Hopeful.                 I know parents love to talk about the hard stuff. The tantrums. The sleepless nights. The battles of getting a child to eat, to sleep, to go in the potty. To stop crying. To start talking. To stop running. To be quiet. To…