I'm gonna have a baby! I'm gonna have a baby!

I’m pretty sure being ridiculously excited is zapping all my energy.

Well that, and spending the whole day running around Edmonton yesterday.

I predict a day of napping. Glorious napping!

I saw him* yesterday. My little magic bean. My tiny miracle baby. So small. So tiny. So real. He doesn’t quite have a fully working heart yet, but his cardiovascular system is in the works, and we could see the miniscule little flicker.

We did it. We are going to have a baby. God answered our prayers. He said yes.

I am so happy. It doesn’t matter that science still calls him an embryo. And then a fetus, and THEN a baby. He is my baby. Right now. From the moment he was conceived. He already knows a mother’s love.

Ok, ok, enough sap.

I gots a baby in my belllyyyyyy. So. Yes. Eight weeks. And I had to buy maternity pants. Dear baby – WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Is it because you are a magic bean you are taking up so much room? Hmmm? In my book it does say some women show early if your abdominal muscles were not toned (which they were most definitely not) and the little bump can also be blamed on bloating and such. But oh well. When I’m at home I wear my comfy pants, and now when I go out I won’t feel my jeans digging into my tummy. Hurray for maternity jeans!

Lalalalalalala! So! Last year on my birthday I was going through a very painful procedure called an HCG to see if my tubes were all working and such. NOT.FUN. This year on my birthday I have my first maternity doctors appointment. SQUEE!

Now excuse me whilst I go look at the picture of my blurry baby blob. I love my magic bean.

*We do not know what the baby is, nor are we planning on finding out. I just find it annoying to type out “the baby” all the time, and for some reason, “he” sounds more generic than “she”.


  1. You know, in another week, he'll be able to make a fist. So don't yell at him too loudly.
    Maternity pants always look so comfy...

  2. I can't wait to get pregnant so I get to wear maternity pants! lol.

    AND! I am SOOOOO glad you guys aren't finding out...I thought I was like the last person on the planet who didn't want to know. Good for you...and yes, I think "he" sounds more generic then "she" or "it".


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