Oh, the joys...

So much to say. So much to tell! Where do I start? For starters, April was a month of insanity. There were church building celebration suppers, charity concerts, doctors appointments, my birthday, Leanne and Bryce over for a few days, Easter dinner at my house, big Blum Easter on Sunday, equipment hunting all over the country-side, family dinners in the city, River Dance, a pregnancy spa with Larissa, ultrasounds… and that’s all from the top of my head.

The past few days have been full of some much needed relaxation. I had a pretty rough week last week. As mentioned before, I had some spotting during week nine. I had a doctors appointment and ultrasound and everything was hunky dory, and no explanation was really given. The spotting was brown in color, which means it is old blood, and thus, not that bad.

On Friday I noticed some discomfort in my lower abdomen. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It wasn’t pain. I had been “brown smudge spotting” for a few days, but there really wasn’t much to speak of and I had already been told not to worry about it unless it turned red.

Saturday morning that discomfort level rose, and by the afternoon I was cramping painfully and the spotting had turned red. I didn’t freak out, my sense diagnosis was that the left, empty side of my uterus was attempting to give me a period and all the joys that went with it. I did enjoy Riverdance and a meal at the Keg with my parents, but by the evening I had called Chelsey to cancel on helping set up for a bridal shower the next day and sleeping over in the city. Sheldon and I decided to stop at the hospital on the way home. I was thinking it was more “me” having issues that anything being wrong with Bean – but self-diagnosis based on nothing but internet research and a gut feeling is not the way to a healthy pregnancy, so we stopped for a professional opinion.

Upon arrival, we were escorted rather quickly to the back and waiting for the doctor. The doctor on call was not my doctor and he said that bleeding with my abnormal uterus is quite normal and proceeded to look for the baby’s heartbeat. I swear those are the longest ten minutes of my life. He went and got a bigger, supposedly better, machine to try to track it down. Bean wasn’t cooperating. The doctor told me he was scheduling me for an emergency ultrasound, but that he was pretty sure he heard the heartbeat twice, it was just that baby was moving around too much to get a good reading.

Alright. Fine.

Saturday night and Sunday as well as Sunday night were pure hell. I have never been in that much pain in my life. Kudos to all the girls who have horrific cramping during PMS. I rarely did, and on the occasion when I did, I called up my sister, asked her if this was normal, pretty much OD’d on Midol, and went to bed with a hot water bottle.

Well, guess what? Pregnancy and drugs don’t mix too well. And since they warn against hot tubs, Jacuzzis and warm baths because you don’t want to raise the baby’s body temperature, I’m pretty sure that pressing a hot water bottle against Baby’s hotel would be somewhat frowned upon.
So. Yes. Excruciating, immobilizing cramps… for two days without drugs. Feel sorry for me. I know I do.

Monday morning I got a phonecall from Barrhead. Their ultrasound room is too booked up for emergencies so it’s off to Edmonton I go. Sigh. Barrhead is so well equipped to handle high risk pregnancies, don’t ya think?

As I thought, Bean was perfectly fine, swimming around, wondering why people were once again poking and prodding at his/her little home.

All I know is I have a lot to discuss with my doctor on the 19th. I am going to make him discuss my risks with me! I am not one of those people who are going to freak out about what could happen. I am well aware of the risks associated with my condition…(s)… I am not really all that worried. I am more worried that he, the doctor, does not know how to handle my condition, more so than my actual condition. I’m not certain if that sentence made any sense, but I’m too lazy to try to rewrite it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were much better. Only occasional cramps and the bleeding has eased up. I was never gushing by any means, but lemme tell you, seeing blood when you’re pregnant is not that thrilling of an experience.

I’m just glad I’m feeling better. And I’m hoping this doesn’t happen every four weeks. Because that would suck. A lot. But at least it doesn't seem to be affecting baby, and really, that's the most important thing. Baby is doing ok. <3


  1. I am glad that both you and baby are okay! Keep me posted okay!? I like praying. :) <3


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