A grouchy ranting venting hormonal rant. Enjoy.

I am so grouchy today.

SO grouchy.

I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person – AND OHMYGOSH PIPPIN STOP SQUEAKING THAT BALL BEFORE I TURN YOU INTO A PAIR OF SLIPPERS – ahem. As I was saying. Uhm. Busy. Running. Tired. Felt like crap yesterday. Had to get up early today. For a good reason.

I will take a moment from my grumpiness to exult about my new camper we picked up. A 2008 Starwood fifth wheel camper. We be high fallutin’ farmers. We are now wussy camping in style. I am thrilled. We also got to go shopping to stock the trailer… which was supposed to be fun… and it was some of the time.

Minus not being able to find what I wanted at Walmart and storming around the storm cursing the stockers for not stocking shelves in any logical manner. Luckily I found what I wanted at Canadian Tire. Though at both places I had to wait (I know. I had to wait. My life is terrible, no?) at the counter because of course, something we pick up doesn’t have a sticker price on it. So let’s stand there and call someone, and then that someone takes a year to get back to you and then I finally decide to just GO DO IT MY BLANKITY BLANK SELF. Ugh. You know what I say? If you have failed to properly mark your merchandise – TO FRIKKEN BAD – it’s free, it’s mine, you suck, goodbye.

Also, I’m swearing off McDonalds for the duration of my pregnancy. Let’s just say there were some harrowing moments when I was not sure I was going to make it to a bathroom. And using public bathrooms in… emergencies… is just ever so fun. So, yeah, thanks for that McDonalds.

AND, city drivers – is there something wrong with your signal light? I swear the next person who does not signal, I’m going to go all The Rock on them and take a bat to their lights seeing as they aren’t using them anyway.

Oh, and I have an idea, how about people NOT talk on cell phones whilst in a public washroom stall. Because, really? Ew. AND WASH YOUR HANDS.

And Porky, P.S. a moving vehicle means move away, not towards, said vehicle. Thanks for giving me a flipping heart attack and making me forget I’m pregnant and start running and screaming and using up my energy for the next ten years. I’m not sure I even love you right now.

Pippin. You are loud. That’s all.

Polar and Pepper. You guys are the most freakin annoying, needy dogs I have ever met. I realize I don’t take a lot of time out of my day to pet you, but have you ever thought that’s because you are annoying to pet? I try to pay you attention and you start pawing at me, and trying to grab hold of my sleeve so I never leave and just being generally annoying. I am far too needy myself to deal with you. In short, LEAVE ME ALONE.

Also, WHY is my house always a pigsty? You’d think I’d learn to clean up the little messes but no. I just wait until it’s all gone to crap and then spend hours cleaning. Ugh. Of course, it doesn’t help when you are only home here and there and piles just keep getting shifted because you don’t have time to go through them but FRACK. UGH.

I think I need to go visit my punching bag.

Well thanks for tuning in to my hormonal rage rant. It kinda made me smile writing it. Of course, I have no desire to smile right now, because hello – I’m grouchy, and rather enjoying it.


  1. I love rants! Anyways, bad days happen. I am so happy for you and your fifth-wheel! Rather jealous in fact. It will make camping this summer so much more enjoyable for you. Love you alot my dear friend.


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