So. Uhm. Yes. I have post ideas. Things I've been meaning to write about. But I have not.

I will soon be writing about this year and how it is basically a year of experimenting with faith for Sheldon and me. Pretty scary and exciting and well, cool.

Also, an upcoming rant about a pet peeve of mine that is becoming bigger and bigger. And you know what it is? People saying "Oh my God." Yeah. I know. Some may think I'm insane. Or nit picky. Or too religious. Blah blah blah. But you know what? Soon I will have a child learning to speak. I'd rather not hear OMG every time I turn around. It's irritating.

ALSO, a..well... I guess it would be a rant about how it seems everyone else is allowed to post, talk, rant, stand-up-for ect. for what they believe or do not believe in. Such as abortion or gay marriage or other controversial issues in which the "open minded" are supposed to condone everything. And you know what? Everyone IS entitled to their say. HOWEVER. *I* am allowed to say I don't believe in abortion, that I don't agree with gay marriage and that I think allowing teen sex is ridiculous. If others are allowed to be all gung ho about it, which they are, then I am allowed to not like it. People are all about rights until someone disagrees with them. If people think I'm stupid for believing the way I do, well guess what? Right back atcha. If I can keep myself from calling you (them...) names then you can do the same for me. You want me to be gracious with yours views? THEN BE GRACIOUS WITH MINE. Anyways. I may not have to write this particular post anymore... because I think I just did. Oops.

Also, I'm thinking about my sister today. She had a cyst rupture, lost an insane amount of blood, and ended up miscarrying in very early pregnancy. She has two IV's in her arms to keep her hydrated and has had four bags of blood. That just goes to show how much she lost. She way dying. It's so scary to think that. Mom is looking after the little dude, and I have the three year old here with me. Hopefully Sister is able to come home tomorrow.


  1. Oh My G*d bothers me, too. Sacha's little friend says it all the time (he is 6) and Sacha said it once at our dinner table. Tony and I both looked at him and said that was not nice, that we say oh my gosh. So Sacha went and told his friend that, and now they both say oh my gosh.
    I used to say OMG a lot until we started hanging out a lot with people who were more square than us in the religion department. (She used to say Holy Dinah!) SO I made an active effort to stop, and I have. I sometimes now say "Sweet Buddah" of "Holy Moses!" or if I really mean it (as in talking to God), then I say Oh my God.

  2. Amen! To everything. You are going to be an awesome mom!


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