YOU GUYS. Guess what, guess what, guess what! In like, 15 weeks *I* am going to have a baby.


A baby, a baby, a baby for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So yes, very excited. But also, uhm... terrified. I keep telling Sheldon, "Y'know when we are holding babies and they start to cry and we hand them back to their mothers? PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE DOING THAT TO US."

I also told him, "I'm kinda scared of my baby."
Him - "What??"
Me - "They are little. What if I drop it? Or it won't stop crying. Or it doesn't like me? Or I don't like it??"
Him - "You're crazy."

Well, yeah.

Lately, since two days ago, I've been going into nesting mode. Sigh. I am not a good housekeeper. And I am messily organized. Apparently the impending arrival of Bean is changing all that. But hey, it's the motivation I need to get everything where it's supposed to be. Sheldon may be spending more time outside as I may, uhm, possibly be making to-do lists for him. :D

I sat down and made a list of all the newborn stuff I'm going to need for baby. Things I am going to use and want before any baby showers are had. I know my mom-in-law wants to buy us some stuff, so I am compiling a Baby Bean Wish List. I basically sat down and visualized taking Bean home from the hospital, changing Bean, bathing Bean, breast-feeding Bean, putting Bean down for a nap - and all the things I would need in order to do that.


Oh and I've lapsed into a new stage of weirdness. Now the taking care of a newborn portion of my book freaks me out more than the labor section.


  1. Just a heads up. Do a lot of reading about breastfeeding and talking to other women who have EXCLUSIVELY breastfed (if that is your intent) because you will most likely not get any help from the hospital staff. Their job is made easier by putitng a bottle in the baby's mouth, so I really had to assert myself regarding BOOBIES ONLY policies on my kids. Including Ivy. NICUs are especially bad for making you feel like you are failing as a mother if your baby does not gain weight every day. Or if your baby does not take in that magic volume of milk, they are instantly calling in the formula troops to make sure that baby is fed. I had to be assertive there, too.
    My babies NEVER had a sip of formula. It can be difficult (esp when they wake up all the time just to nurse themselves to sleep) but it was so worth it. And it goes by so fast. I have already been nursing Ivy for 6.5 months (exclusively, no solids for her yet) and I am not really ready to slow down.


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