Look What I've Been Up To

 Sheldon's side of the closet. Complete with two IKEA PAX systems.
 My side of the closet. Complete with two IKEA PAX systems. I love the pants hanger thingers. And my shoe racks. Ok, I love it all.
 The middle of the closet. Yes, I have triple the amount of clothing Sheldon has. And yes, those are a bazillion stuffed cows up there.
 I made it a perty entry to my perty closet.
My window seat will hopefully be getting finished soon, but I put up the window treatments while I'm waiting!

Keeping busy helps.


  1. That is the most stuffed cows I have ever seen in one place. Loving the organization, though. We are in desperate need of that. The floor is our organizer...

  2. LOVE your closet. And of course the stuffed cows :)

  3. looks good katie... and yes that's alot of cows

  4. oooooo - I AM uBER JELous of your closet!!! Whenever we go to Ikea I gaze upon them. And now I can go sit in yours! lol. good job *cheers*


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