Obligatory New Years Post. Hehe.

New Years is such a cliché for new beginnings and starting over and we all seem to think it has some sort of magical quality for filling up our motivation tanks.

I was planning on hitching my band wagon on to the New Years Resolution train and riding the wave of “I can do this!” …

However, I just sent off my sister, her hubby, and kids this morning, and although I absolutely loved having them with us, we’ve all had awful colds for the last couple days. So, instead of today starting with a work-out and a shake, and vacuuming or putting away laundry, or writing or attacking my office with file folders and a little thing called organization – I have spent the day on the couch, alternately nursing my sleepy/teething?/fighting a cold? Baby and putting him in his swing, watching episode after episode of Glee whilst chugging back Cream soda and eating half a box of cookies. And blowing my nose. A lot. So, my New Years plans will have a late start, because right now I’m too busy checking Facebook and playing Oregon Settler and head bopping to Glee and pretending that having my writing assignments sitting beside me qualifies as working on them.

But! This year I do hereby resolve to overcome my laundry problem. It will be put away in a timely matter! Maybe.

Also, after I finish up my last two weeks of recovery from surgery, working out will ensue! Because even when my body doesn’t cooperate and show me weighable results, I feel flippin’ fabulous when I work out consistently. So. Yes. I should do that.

I also will be making Vii Shakes part of my daily routine. Because they are yummy, and I can add even more yummy things to them and BAM. Nutrition. Yes please.

I will also finish up my assignments this month and get my Christian Writer’s Guild Apprenticeship Certificate. Which I will hang on my office wall.

Speaking of office walls… I will clean up the catastrophe that is the bookwork of 2012 and keep up with 2013 filing.

I will also continue to raise the cutest boy in the world and smoother him with smooches.

I will read more.

I will keep my kitchen clean.

I will cook delicious food for my husband and find more new recipes. Because I think it’s fun and I really enjoy it.

I will read my Bible more.

I will journal more.

I will take zillions of pictures of Kadon.

I will show and tell Sheldon how much I love him every day.

I will celebrate the small things.

I won’t be self-defeating

I will find a niche of ministry again

But for now… I will curl up on the couch and smile at my sleeping little boy and watch T.V. and wait for this cold to go away. :D

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. <3 This was very feel good Katie. I think these things are doable (even in small ways). I will cheer you on in everything you do!


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