Time to jot a thought or two

My mind won’t go to sleep. Time to jot a thought or two.

I’m 25. I think I’m good with it. Sheldon threw me an amazing surprise dinner party at my favorite restaurant, Piccolo Italia, in Barrhead. He reserved the whole place (it’s the cutest place, only 28 people fit) and we had a feast of bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, bruschetta, salad, risotto, quail, gelato, and tiramisu!

My sister came to visit Kadon and I (and a few other people, I guess… maybe…) for the weekend. I am so happy I got to share my surprise with her. I think she should move back here. Snow for 6+ months of the year, mud and mosquitoes for the other couple months – c’mon! It’s great here!

Terry, Larissa, and Judah spent the week with us. I am so grateful to have friends who have grown with us. From college kids, to married couples, to couples with kids… we have accepted and embraced each other’s chaos and become closer through it all! We also happened to have Lily this week, so it was fun (and crazy, and exhausting, and loud. And oh so fun.) to have three rugrats to chase around.

Kadon will soon be nine months old. Nine. Months. Old. MY BAAAAAABBBBBY! He is growing so fast. His one top tooth finally broke through, thank the Maker, but judging from his caterwauling late this evening, I believe the other one is making its painful presence known. Poor dude.

We’ve taken him swimming a couple times and he loves it. He loves to splash and kick and periodically dunk his face in the water without caring whilst on a mission to get to a rubber ducky. He’s a rolling machine, flopping over and wiggling and spinning donuts on his tummy to get to where he wants to be. His fine motor skills are coming along nicely, thanks to Cheerios… and the fraying edges of the carpet which he loves to pick at and try to eat. He likes spaghetti, yogurt, bathing and playing with Lily, going crazy in the jumparoo, and showing off his new clapping skills.


  1. I don't know how I missed your birthday. April 20 right? Wait. I know how i missed it. I was building the bed. In any case, happy 25th! Sacha was 6 months old when I turned 25. I remember it very well.
    God bless!


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