Things my child thinks of as normal. For now.

Kadon probably thinks that...

·         Singing about everything – cottage cheese, bananas, naps, toys, poopy diapers, you name it – is normal. He will probably think he lives in a musical.

·         Being covered in thousand of smooches is normal.

·         Being carried around upside down is normal.

·         His mother talking out loud, dictating scenes in the book she is working on to the air is normal.

·         His mother carrying on a “discussion” with his father… long after the father has left the house… is normal.

·         Moths are poisonous, murderous, evil beasts.

·         There are gypsies who will buy him for a dollar when he is being naughty

·         It’s normal for story-lines to randomly change in storybooks.

·         It’s normal for tired wiener dogs to hitch a ride in the bottom of his stroller on long walks.

·         Hearing 20 + Disney references/quotes a day is totally normal
Or... he already knows I'm weird and is just too little to say anything.


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