Nailing T25. Sorta.

I meant to do weekly updates on my new fitness regime, T25. However, I am on day two of the third week so, y’know, best intentions and all that.

So let’s see. For starters, I am still alive. There is this little chart that comes with the DVD’s where you tick off whether you Nailed! The work-out or whether you Barely Made It. After the first few days I was tempted to just tick off Barely Made It for the front part of the chart. (I didn’t even want to think about the flip side of the chart – where apparently the work-outs get “amped up”. I probably will die then. Send flowers.)

I knew I would feel discouraged and weak the first week. And I did. I most certainly did. I was wondering how on earth this could possibly work when it felt like I was spending most of my time wondering how I was supposed to lift knees no longer connected to my body, or how I was supposed to get off the floor and sprint when there had obviously been a major super glue accident and I was glued to the floor.

Second week wasn’t much better. But I did them. I tried to figure out what my best was. I kept telling myself my brain quits before my body does. I’m not actually going to die. It is only 25 minutes. And then last Friday came. Double workout day. I basically wanted to stay in my bed so I wouldn’t have to face the workout. But I did it. Most of it. The first workout was lower body focus, and with three minutes left of the second workout I was actually tipping over and my legs were not responding to the cues my brain was giving it, so I signed off and called it a win.

Then this week started off with my nemesis. The Total Body Circuit. A nice lot in Hell packaged up in a 25 minute work-out. But something happened. Maybe after two weeks I’m finally learning to Focus, but I felt like I nailed that workout. And today, I felt like I nailed my workout again. Two days in a row!

So yes, maybe I am actually getting stronger and learning how to push myself. Maybe Shaun T isn’t trying to take over the world by killing off the weaklings with a DVD workout. Maybe if I ignore my stupid scale and focus on the health benefits and just keep going, I will be amazed at the changes at the end of this.

As for results, my scale tells me I’ve gained 2.4 pounds. I’m thinking of investing in a sledgehammer. However, the tape measure is telling me I’ve lost 4 inches in two weeks. So. BOOYAH.
Disclaimer: Everyone's "nailing it" will have a different definition. I do not want anyone who tries this workout and feels discouraged to imagine I am actually keeping up completely and totally with Shaun T. My nailing it means I worked up a sweat, stayed upright when I was supposed to, took minimum 3-5 second long breaks, and gave EFFORT all the way through to the end. My definition does not mean I look like a graceful swan (probably more like a drunk flamingo), nor does it mean my sense of rhythm has improved (I assure you, it has not.), nor does it mean I have learned how those people in the DVD manage to look like they are in the air most of the time. I suspect they have patented whatever is in Tigger's tail and put it in their shoes, or they have somehow filled themselves with helium, or they are all witches with levitating powers.
Truth: T25 turns you into a hot mess.


  1. Don't go by weight gained: that is muscle, baby. That's why you are feeling like you are nailing the workouts, now. You built some muscles, yo.
    Inches lost also means less fat, more muscle. Rock on!


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