T25 FOCUS. Daaaaay...One.

Today I started a Challenge. I started the T25 FOCUS program by Shaun T – the creator of the Insanity Workouts (BeachBody). Basically it’s interval training. At first I was turned off by the name BeachBody. My goal in life is not to be able to strut around in a bikini. I thought maybe this was a program for those already skinny people to become even more skinny, hot, and totally absorbed in their own looks.

I was pretty skeptical about the nutritional shake that came with the program as well. I decided to give it a try because I wanted to do the program as a whole.

I’m very happy to say, after doing some reading, talking to my friend, Sarah, who is a BeachBody coach, and reading the ingredients list on the back of Shakeology, I am becoming a convert! This program is concerned with health and nutrition, two things I am trying to focus on. I’m really excited about the fantastic ingredients in the shake, including superfoods and cancer fighting herbs, with no hidden, scary ingredients. I’ve been drinking the shake for the past five days, and I’ve already started to notice my energy levels coming up. Which is good, because if today was any indicator of how hard these workouts are going to be, I’m going to need all the energy I can get.

I did my first workout this morning. I was nervous and excited. And I had every reason to be. It was hard. My legs were trembling. “Get your knees about your waist!” It doesn’t sound so hard, right? Well. It does when your legs suddenly turn into a thousand pounds of jello. Shaun T! Stop it! Stop bouncing around like a crazy person! I’m tired! Oh, thank heavens, there’s a modifier. So, yes, I wasn’t expecting to nail this workout. And I didn’t. I took tiny breaks, I went with the modified moves a couple times, I questioned my sanity, I questioned my ability, but I focused and stayed with it. After all, it’s only 25 minutes.

My mantra through this program is – Trust the process.

I will get stronger. I will one day be able to keep my knees lifting higher than my waist. I will see results.

Trust the process.


  1. You are exactly right! Trust the process. If you give it your all, you will see the results. And your pictures are hilarious!!


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