Crazy... Awesome... It's sorta the same thing, right?

                I did something kind of crazy recently. Something that scared me. Something that impassioned me. Something that empowers me.

                I became an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

                I know, earth shattering right? Who knew selling hand cream could affect me this way?

                The thing is, I’d been passively looking for something to supplement our income. I’d occasionally flip through the Job Opportunities in the paper, knowing I wouldn’t ever really find something I’d be willing to drive an hour for and spend all day away from Kadon for. But there was just a part of me that wanted to contribute. The first time I got my Child Tax Cheque I was so excited because I got to deposit a cheque that had MY name on it.

                But as much as having some income would be nice, that wasn’t the snowflake that started this snowball.

                I found out some things. Some things I didn’t like. I found out that although I had been making healthier choices in our food, reading labels, trying to make informed decisions about what I was putting into my body – harmful toxins and known carcinogens were making their way into my body anyways. Via my skin.

                I learned about mineral oil, parabens, and harmful sulphates. And I found out they were in most of the skin care, hygiene, and yes, baby products I was using. I found out my skin absorbs whatever is put on it in 26 seconds and enters my bloodstream. And Kadon’s bloodstream. I found out that North America has no laws about what goes into our cosmetics – regardless of the fact many of the ingredients found in our products are known toxins and linked to cancer and illegal in Europe.

                So I went on the warpath. I didn’t want to buy into companies who didn’t take my health and my family’s health serious enough to make products that were safe. My friend who had found out about all this product safety had found a safer alternative in Arbonne’s products. So I started using them. Because my friend, she’s a pretty smart cookie. Following in her footsteps is not a bad plan. And let me tell ya, I fell in love with Arbonne’s products. They were pure, they were safe, and they were beneficial because they worked. But then the unexpected happened. I was confronted with a business opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

                I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m kind of a talker. When I don’t like something you’re going to know about it. And when I do like something, you’re also going to know. Sharing about stuff I like and don’t like is a natural compulsion. And not one I’m alone in. It’s what makes Arbonne successful as a business.

                So there you go. That’s what’s been up with me lately. I’ve been diving into this business opportunity, learning on the fly, and feeling really supported and loved by the people who have hosted/come to spa parties and let me practice on them. Thank-you!

                  Curious about what’s in the stuff we’re smearing on our skin? Check out this eight minute video.


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