Of Complicated Pregnancies and a Cute Kid

 I am 16 weeks along in this, my third pregnancy, tomorrow. The first trimester went by with no complications, just exhaustion and feeling fat – basically exactly how you are supposed to feel.

Last week brought along the expected but dreaded complications. Bleeding. Doctors office. Ultrasound. More bleeding. Emergency room. Bedrest. That’s basically how my weekend went, how about yours?

As it stands now, I am no longer on bedrest, just on “take it really easy”. What they suspect has happened is the placenta has torn away a little bit, creating a small, looney (One dollar coin for your Americans. ;) ) sized tear which is causing the bleeding. This isn’t really uncommon and best case scenario is the placenta reabsorbs everything and pregnancy continues normally. I’m having an ultrasound next week to see if the bleed in my uterus is healing, or if it is getting worse. There is no treatment if the tear is getting worse, you just basically move as little as possible and hope the placenta holds out until baby can be safely delivered.

Little baby is doing well despite it all. Good, strong heartbeat and looking quite content and super cute in ultrasounds. Lil Jujube is about the size of an orange right about now. Prayers for healing, healthy full term baby, patience, peace and all that good stuff would be muchly appreciated!

In other, slightly less dramatic news, Kadon manages to get cuter every day. Not really sure how that’s possible – other than ridiculously good genetics, obviously. I suspect his jabberings will turn into more and more English words in the near future. We can pick out things like “what is that?” “Why?” “Get out.” (not directed at anyone, hehe. What he says when he wants out of his crib/bath) “Where’s Mom?” “Where’s Dad?” “Change bum” “Mamaw” “Nana” “Hi”  “No.” “Please” “Thanks” and I’m thinking it won’t be too long before other words start emerging.

He has picked up a weird pastime today of trying to put small objects between his toes. He is mastering putting on his own boots and knows where his eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair, bellybutton, and toes are. He knows what sounds a cow and cat make and is loving the big wooden puzzles we are doing with him every night. Oh, and he is practicing saying all his vowels.

At the moment he’s showing an aptitude for music and carpentry. He loves to sing, dance, and play piano. Everything must be hammered and fixed with a drill. Sound effects included. He also enjoys sitting on Porky when he is sitting on the couch, and occasionally tries to pull on his ears. I suspect he won’t enjoy that for much longer as Porky has never enjoyed it. When Pippin isn’t too busy yipping at nothing and peeing on the floor, Kadon enjoys gathering him in his lap and cuddling him – as well as throwing objects at him to make him yip. Because Kadon finds that much more endearing than I do.

Kadon also enjoys being excellent backup. Whenever I yell at the dogs for barking he gets his two cents in as well. This also includes usually bonking them on the head, which we are discouraging. I can only imagine what he’s going to do when his siblings get in trouble.

He still loves yogurt and blueberries and has recently discovered drinkable yogurt, which he would like to have every minute of every day. He eats spaghetti squash like a champ, likes brushing his teeth, and doesn’t drive other patrons away at restaurants.

He recently learned how to “catch” a football. (As in he puts his arms out to try, instead of letting it hit his tummy and giggling.) He has to do up the buckle on his booster seat after he is done eating.

He’s pretty much just full of awesome sauce. 


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