Kadon And Eli - Brothers.

                I think Kadon thought gummy bears were called yummy bears.  This morning at breakfast I told him to eat his toast.
                “It’s yummy!” I said.
                “Yummy? Yummy, yummy bears?!”
                Which then segued into him talking about bears and how they are bad and he doesn’t like them and he will shoo them.

                Anytime I change Eli’s diaper, Kadon is there to interrogate.
                “I sniff it? Eww, baby tinks! Baby, you poop in potty!”
                “He can’t, he’s too little. Babies poop in diapers, and big boys like you poop in the potty.”
                “I’ll hold him!”
                “I don’t think that’ll work, buddy”
-          And then this morning addition to the usual conversation Kadon asks, “I’d flush him?”

Seriously, this kid is hilarious. Fiercely independent, but not afraid to ask for help once he figures out he needs it. He’s an epic pouter. He’s perfected the shoulder slump, the dismayed shuffle, the lip out, the slow blink of despair.
                He gets so excited when he learns something new. He shouts, “I did it!” and claps for himself. He loves it when people come over and play with him. This morning he came into my bed and asked to go to auntie’s house. I asked him which auntie.
                “Taela! And Don! (he can’t say Kaela or Jon probably) They play me! Lots and lots!”
                I love our nighttime routines of stories and prayers. We always talk about what he did that day, what he was thankful for, and basically what made the day good. He remembers everything. He’s learning thankfulness. His communication skills are growing so fast.
                He loves baths (except for hair washing time) and going swimming. Parks are amazing. He wants to ride his bike so bad, but is having trouble getting the hang of pedaling.
                Peh and Blanket are must haves.
                Owies are fixed with kisses. Also water. And cream (lotion). And sometimes Blanket.
                All exciting things must be relayed to Daddy as soon as he walks in the door. I.e.: “I pooped!” “I fell!” “I played!” “I shared with baby!” “I ate my food!”
                His newest word is “poblum” (problem). Eli is fussing – “What’s poblum, Baby? What matter?” Kadon can’t get his shoe on, he can’t find something ect – “I poblum, Mommy! I poblum!”
                He’s recently discovered pudding cups. Life is good.
                His love for his brother melts my heart. He’s always looking out for him. He’s (mostly) excited that Eli is beginning to “play” with him. Luckily Eli is still small enough that trading toys is acceptable.
                Eli has six teeth. He is aware he’s adorable. He’s really not all about table food. Or baby food. Or… food. He’s weaned on to a bottle now. He decided to wean himself from me, not replace that with anything, and then not gain any weight for a month. Now, bottles are da bomb. He’s figured out how to hold it himself, but it’s still nice to cuddle him while he drinks. He likes to play with my face while he chugs his milk. It’s super cute if his nails are cut.
                He is mobile. It started off as a slow-motion worm dance. Then morphed into a not-quite army crawl. It’s more like mobile push-ups. It  looks way harder than simple crawling.
                Eli is a babbler. He’s a flirt. He’s a good sleeper. He plays with his hair when he’s sleepy. Soothers are awesome. Daddy coming into the house is AMAZING. Daddy washing his hands before picking him up is unacceptable. He doesn’t cry often, but when he does there is no build-up. It’s zero to a-crocodile-just-bit-my-foot cry.
                He’s content. He’s ticklish. I think he looks like me. His eyes are twinkly and bright and full of promised future mischievousness. He thinks Kadon is hilarious.

                They’re my boys. They are brothers. I hope they will always be friends. 


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