"The Future Has Begun - Day One."

As some of you may know, I did something completely out of character and signed up to run a 5K. (P.S. Wanna sponsor me? http://cibcrunforthecure.supportcbcf.com/site/TR/?fr_id=2371&pg=pfind and put in my name in the search field. Yep, the team name is Jogging for Jugs.) I do not run. I do not jog. The only reason I walk fast is because I'm tall and that just happens to be my stride. But, I wanted something to motivate me to get fit. Okay, honestly, I wanted to terrify myself into getting moving and being consistent.

My plan wasn't working very well, as I've been saying I'm going to start running for...oh, y'know, about the last two and half weeks. Excuses are just so readily available. I don't like mornings. It's too hot to run in the afternoon. Sheldon is busy in the evenings so he can't watch the boys while I take off.

So today I decided to forget the excuses and I hopped on my elliptical. I'm aware that going on the elliptical is not the same as running, but it's gotta be better than doing nothing. I downloaded a free, simple app that tells me when to walk and when to run, set it to one minute walking and one minute jogging, and did 20 minutes.

I then looked like this. I am not crying. That is sweat. I am attempting to re-hydrate with my ginormous Arbonne water bottle and our rather yummy tasting PhytoSport Complete Hydration. (Available in Canada come September.)

So yes. I started. I've officially begun training! And I started on a Thursday. Weird, right? I've waited for Mondays many times before, and you know what? There's nothing magical about Mondays. Today is my DAY ONE.


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