Pregnancy Thoughts

July 25, 2016

YAY I'm pregnant!!!
5 minutes later I'm pregnant. Another kid. Another... Oh my. Oh no. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS. 

How is it possible to be this tired?

I think I'm hungry... Or nauseated... Why can't I tell the difference?

How does one do the parenting at the same time as the pregnancy-ing...

Why does only ice cream and carbs not make me feel ill??

Chicken - BLECH. Meat - DRY HEAVE. Vegetables - *wrinkles nose* Ice cream - two scoops three times a day, please. 

Suddenly a lot of people seem a lot more irritating.

Wow, my husband sure is a first class jerk all the sudden. Weird.

*is being unreasonable*
*is aware* 
*cries because she is being unreasonable and can't seem to stop*

Commercial - *cries* 
Mildly touching movie scene - *cries*
Life - *cries*

Why don't my pants fit. Why am I so bloated. This baby is a grain of rice WHY IS IT AFFECTING ME SO MUCH. 

Why are we having another baby when some days I want to put the ones we have on Kijiji??

Two words. Squirrel turds. 

I just want to sleep. Why do these little humans keep wanting me to feed them and such?


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