Capturing Memories

Who was it that said that the days are long but the years are short? Whoever it was, they are very wise. I have to register my older son for kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN. It was just yesterday I was in the NICU with him, holding him skin-to-skin. Just yesterday I was coaxing first smiles and giggles out of him. Just yesterday he starting army crawling; just yesterday he took his first steps.
                At four and a half, Kadon seems so grown up. He copies older kids’ mannerisms, he deepens his voice and shrugs his shoulders. His vocabulary is crazy, even if his enunciation is not. (Case in point: he often says “also”, instead of “too”.)
                He loves going to Pre-School. He goes once a week on Wednesday and by Friday he’s asking to go again. He happily went to VBS all last week. Dropping him off places is no longer an issue. He has friends, he has his own sense of humour, his own ideas and plans. He’s a master LEGO builder, building large sets meant for 7-14 year olds with minimal help.
                He loves learning. He loves wrestling, playing house, and playing ninjas. His attitude almost matches mine. Like his mom, he feels all the feels x12. He’s learning to manage his emotions. Well, we are, together. At almost 29 I’m still learning how best to manage my emotions.
                He is a drama-king, tattle-tale (which I’m fine with, especially since he tattles on himself, too), social butterfly, iPad playing, LEGO building, super-hero loving, amazing kid. He’s learning to write letters, and he can do simple subtraction and addition in his head (so weird, I did not teach him that). He eats at least one banana a day. He thrives on verbal encouragement and affirmation. He loves being helpful, and is incredibly proud of his role of oldest brother.
                Speaking of brothers…

                If you have not met Eli, you have not met the funniest kid in the world. Seriously, this little dude is such a goof. His facial expressions are amazing, I wish I could capture each one. He loves to make people laugh, and he’s very good at this. Even when he’s being bad. I only manage to keep my composure about 50% off the time when he’s misbehaving. He makes me burst out laughing multiple times a day.
                He has these incredible grey eyes and long eye lashes. He knows how to wrinkle up his face to make you think he’s the cutest thing. And when he laughs, you can’t help but laugh with him. He used to do a dolphin laugh. He doesn’t do it as much anymore, but it was quite impressive, especially for a kid with asthmatic tendencies. His laugh was him somehow sucking in air and making a dolphin-like noise.
                He loves to cuddle. He doesn’t ask to come “up”, he walks over and leans on you and says, “Cuuuddle, cuuuuuddle.” Very hard to resist, and I don’t often, unless I’m in the middle of something, then I finish up and track him down and we have our cuddle. Because, one day, or so I’ve heard, he won’t ask his mommy for cuddles anymore. (UNTRUE. WAAAHHHH.)
                He is a Paw Patrol fanatic. Whatever Kadon does, he wants to do to. He wants to go to school already and walks around the house with his little backpack. He has a crazy sense of style. Lately its been a t-shirt, a pull-up, one slipper, a backpack, and toy doctor glasses which are too small and worn upside down.
                He’s been going through a non-eating phase, but before he was out-eating Kadon and sometimes even me. He loves to play pretend. He crawls around and either meows or woofs. He loves Animal Mechanical and sings along to the opening song, often asking me to skip back and play it a number of times.
                He’s kind of rotten, being two and a half. He loves saying no. He lowers his brow and points his finger and gravely scolds you when you give him trouble. He’s tricky to discipline as when he gets upset he still has trouble controlling his gag reflex and ends up puking. Luckily he hasn’t realized he could use that as a weapon. I make sure I give zero reaction to puke, but still… I try not to upset him more than I should simply because I don’t want him to throw up. It is better than it was though, so hopefully one day he’ll outgrow that lovely habit.
                He’s not potty trained. We are in that lovely limbo stage of he knows exactly what to do and simply doesn’t want to do it. So, we are just doing pull-ups and encouraging him to go and praising him when he does and not really pushing it. I’m hoping something just clicks in his head and he realizes going to the potty is better than sitting in sogginess.
                He loves talking on the phone, being the puppy on SnapChat, and playing LEGO with Kadon. He loves animals, riding in tractors, and stealing mommy’s coffee. He can’t handle how cute Silas is. His cuteness aggression comes out and I have to save Silas from his over-affectionate maulings.
Speaking of Silas…
I love him. I love babies. I love this stage of smiles, cooing, and those first little chuckles. Silas is cuddly and calm. He loves being held and telling people his stories. He loves milk… he’d like to have it every 15 minutes it seems. He loves the mama-roo, all his naptimes take place there. He’s very chill, used to noise, and really only cries when he’s hungry. Or thinks he’s hungry. Or wants to go to sleep and thinks he needs a little snack to help lull him to sleep.
He’s content to tag along wherever we go. The car seat doesn’t bother him. So long as his tummy is full, his bum is clean, his soother is nearby, and there’s a blanket to cuddle, he is a happy camper. He came along to watch Beauty and the Beast in theaters. He’s shopped at Costco twice already, once in my wrap, and once napping in the car seat in the cart. He reminds me of a hungrier version of baby Kadon.

This was more of a blog for me… sorry it’s a little long. But I like to have these to look back on. These moments, the good, the bad, the crazy… I’m afraid of them fading. Of not being able to remember. This early years may be tough sometimes, but they are so full of love and joy and I know they are fleeting, though it may not always feel like it. The only way I can capture these times is in photographs and words. These first years of me being a mommy have flown by, it’s not hard to imagine how quickly these next years will fly by. Maybe, just maybe, by writing, I can keep some memories that would be otherwise lost. These little sentences are meant to spark memories. Hopefully it works. 😉


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